Sales Training

Sales skills are important if you want to gain that competitive edge in the construction industry.

Securing long-term relationships with quality builders or capturing larger projects can be accomplished with effective sales strategies.

Rest assured, at some stage in your career you have lost a tender to a better salesperson, or to someone who has better insight into what a builder is looking for. It doesn’t all come down to price. Possessing fantastic trade skills isn’t always enough.

In just 2 x hours, we will help you see through the eyes of a quality builder. You will be better equipped to present your next quote with confidence.

Our 2-hour, one-on-one session will help you:

  • Effectively manage the tendering process by clearly standing out from the crowd.
  • Master efficient negotiation and presentation skills.
  • Earn trust and credibility to present your quotes with confidence.
  • Effectively sell your premium product by marketing its value over other, cheaper options.
  • Develop long-term relationships and benefit from more qualifying leads.
  • Innovate and maintain a leading edge in the construction industry.

I worked very closely with Matt on a 10 unit boutique apartment building beginning from the tendering and value management stage, through construction and right up till the completion of building.

Over that year and half I was impressed with his general construction knowledge and also his ability to not only understand our documentation and detailing, but recognise the design intent and offer input to generate more cost effective and easily constructed results without compromising its intended visual outcome.

The other aspect that is really impressive about how Matt works on projects is being proactive about minimising potential issues and offering input to aspects of the project to negate problems that could occur down the track and very much a “do it right the first time” attitude.

And to top it all off his a great person and comes highly recommend by myself!