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Work one-on-one with Matt Close, a construction industry specialist based in Melbourne, VIC.
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Let us help you realise your potential, and that of your business.

We have worked with Matt Close on projects over the past few years, dealing directly with him onsite and behind the scenes to make sure our project onsite is stage effective and make sure we meet schedule requirements before they become reality. Always keeping ahead of the curve. This is why Matt always gets his projects completed correctly and on time. Matt is very easy to deal with, you can talk with him about issues and problems in a simple manner, – language that you both understand, always professional and maintains a level of excellence developers and building companies require to succeed.

Saving time and being able to see ahead through the forest of rubbish is very difficult in construction, people don’t always do what they are supposed to or are instructed to. This is why someone like Matt on your team can ease the pain of this and filter what is required and what is not. I do remember on a few occasions dealing with authorities council, water authority, gas authority, what we were told by them that was required was incorrect. After Matt used his experiences and knowledge we discovered regulations/ exemptions not discussed that saved us time and money in compliances and finishing our projects to get all important CFO.  I recommend Matt Close as an asset for your construction project.

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