Feedback from our clients

Jenin Developments

We engaged Next Level on our most recent apartment development. We were able to complete the project without engaging a Project Manager.
Matt’s experience in reviewing the plans prior to construction, skills at coordinating consultants and builder ensured a seamless construction program and a profitable project. I am confident that Matt’s expertise ensured we maximised our returns and ensured that as a team we delivered a fantastic project that we are all proud of.

Nasser Mashni


I have had the pleasure of working with Matt in delivering projects successfully. Matt has a wealth of knowledge in building and construction and decades of proven hands on experience.
Next Level is able to develop the procedures and processes tailored to our construction business. Furthermore, Matt is highly organised in assisting the set up of our internal workflows. The end result is achieved in a much shorter time frame and without any interruptions to our day-to-day operations.
Having Matt assisting our growing business has truly brought us to the “Next Level”. We will definitely continue to engage Matt for our ongoing operations and future projects. Both my team and myself would highly recommend Matt and Next Level Business Consulting to anyone who’s seeking to further develop and enhance your business.

Louisa Chen

Eagle Mount Group Property Services

The feedback and coaching Matt provided during the application process for my builder registration was invaluable. Matt has extensive knowledge in the construction industry and a solid network of people to reach out to within theindustry. This expertise really helped me during preparing for my builder registration as it gave me a more in depth insight into the challenges the industry faces and the key areas builders need to thrive in to succeed as a reputable builder. I would highly recommend Matt and the team to help take your business to the next level.

Ilijah Rahmani

Nash Management

I have worked closely with Matt on what started out as a difficult apartment project.At the commencement of construction there remained numerous unresolved coordination issues within the design documentation.

Matt’s involvement at this early stage to identify clashes, omissions, and construction issues on the plans enabled both time to be saved and construction variations to be avoided.
Matt not only identified issues but also presented cost effective solutions based on his previous project history. All solutions were ultimately justified once adopted on site.

By the end of the project, the full project team was able to stand back and admire the quality outcome that had been achieved as a team.
All those on the team, myself particularly, was thankful that Matt had been involved throughout.

Matt has a broad understanding of the overall development and construction process and can add value in all aspects.
Matt’s level of communication is excellent and his ability to deal with both site based personnel, end clients, purchasers and everyone in between is rare.
I look forward to working together again and will seek out opportunities to utilize his services.

Chris Paxino


I worked very closely with Matt on a 10 unit boutique apartment building beginning from the tendering and value management stage, through construction and right up till the completion of building.
Over that year and half I was impressed with his general construction knowledge and also his ability to not only understand our documentation and detailing, but recognise the design intent and offer input to generate more cost effective and easily constructed results without compromising its intended visual outcome.
The other aspect that is really impressive about how Matt works on projects is being proactive about minimising potential issues and offering input to aspects of the project to negate problems that could occur down the track and very much a “do it right the first time” attitude.
And to top it all off his a great person and comes highly recommend by myself!


All Pro Plumbing

We have worked with Matt Close on projects over the past few years, dealingdirectly with him onsite and behind the scenes to make sure our project onsite is stage effective and make sure we meet schedule requirements before they become reality. Always keeping ahead of the curve. This is why Matt always gets his projects completed correctly and on time. Matt is very easy to deal with, you can talk with him about issues and problems in a simple manner, - language that you both understand, always professional and maintains a level of excellence developers and building companies require to succeed.
Saving time and being able to see ahead through the forest of rubbish is very difficult in construction, people dont always do what they are supposed to or are instructed to. This is why someone like Matt on your team can ease the pain of this and filter what is required and what is not. I do remember on a few occasions dealing with authorities council, water authority, gas authority, what we were told by them that was required was incorrect. After Matt used his experiences and knowledge we discovered regulations/ exemptions not discussed that saved us time and money in compliances and finishing our projects to get all important CFO. I recommend Matt Close as an asset for your construction project.

Adam Lawes

AJ Coatings

Upon each engagement with Matthew Close on construction projects he has provided exceptional outcomes with his outstanding communication and organizational skills.

Matthew will consistently invest time to ensure that all objectives are clear and targets are met from the start of each project.

I strongly believe this proactive approach ensured clear direction and guaranteed the smooth flow of his projects.
Matthew would engage with all levels of our team members with a high degree of professionalism, this personal yet professional approach I believe is unique and valued when working within this industry.

I would highly recommend Matthew when you are looking to invest in someone with who is reliable, professional, project delivery focused and unparalleled in organizational skills.

John Akritidis

Mimmo Scrimizzi

Matt performed a thorough plan review on our recent development in Malvern. His attention to detail and construction knowledge was outstanding. He identified many errors and anomalies on the plans prior to construction, this prevented delays on site.
As a follow up service, he held a meeting with all consultants on the project and offered professional advice, working through each issue with the team until we had a quality set of working drawings.
During construction, having Matt’s experience on our side proved invaluable. He was able to “fill in the blanks” providing attractive and cost effective options, allowing my team to make fast decisions to keep ahead of the construction team. On top of all this, his manners, presentation, and the way he delivered himself was a comfort to deal with.

Mimmo Scrimizzi

Liberty Builders

Matthew from Next Level has an excellent technical knowledge of construction and attention to detail. He effectively utilises these skills when working with his clients in performing his consulting services.
In particular, he has the capability to make a significant contribution to builders looking for a consultant to help improve their operations, or help out when under pressure from excessive workloads.
With his broad range of skills, and genuine interest in helping companies improve, I have no hesitation in recommending Matthew’s services.

Tino Filippelli


Matt and I completed several high-end residential projects together in Abottsford and Hawthorn each with a construction value in the order of $10M. Technically, Matt demonstrates a very good knowledge of construction principles across all trades and building services. Importantly, Matt is always looking at the bigger picture when reviewing plans and construction methods and accordingly his technical coordination skills are very strong. When issues arise on site Matt provides ideas and offers his opinion on how they can be addressed. Matt is always willing to explore other construction ideas and methodologies and comment on their suitability for the project. Matt shows a keen level of enthusiasm working within the building and construction industry and at all times I have found him to act with commitment and integrity.

Matthew Pearce

TJR Electrical

I worked closely with Matt on large projects. I found him to be attentive, diligent and very quick to respond to emails or phone calls.

He dealt with quite a few members of my team and they all found him professional and easy to deal with.

Matt handled problems with a cool head and was quick to think on his feet.

It was a pleasure dealing with him.

Tim Robinson

Sunbright Investment Australia

Matt Close brings a high level of passion and professionalism. He was hardworking for us from the first day he participated on our project development in Box Hill. He has extraordinary capabilities in leading the project on track and supporting project owners to achieve their targets. I am lucky to have him on board, absolutely look forward to working with him again on my next project.

Jason Jin