Plan Reviews

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a project where the plans were perfect, had no errors, were fully detailed, and your builder could forge ahead with construction without asking any questions?

Ok, if we can wake you from that lovely dream you are having, let us move you significantly closer to that goal.

Next Level Business Consulting will perform an extensive, detailed review of your plans to minimise site delays, variations, and costly mistakes.

Our comprehensive review process will cover all of the supplied documentation. Architectural, Engineering, Specifications, and all of the services drawings will be cross-referenced. Any errors or anomalies found will be listed in an easy to read list, broken down by the appropriate disciplines.

If that’s not enough, Next Level can create a detailed video presentation of our review, or meet in-person with your consultants to ensure all errors and inconsistencies are discussed and rectified.

Matt performed a thorough plan review on our recent development in Malvern.
His attention to detail and construction knowledge was outstanding. He identified many errors and anomalies on the plans prior to construction, this prevented delays on site.
As a follow up service, he held a meeting with all consultants on the project and offered professional advice, working through each issue with the team until we had a quality set of working drawings.
During construction, having Matt’s experience on our side proved invaluable. He was able to “fill in the blanks” providing attractive and cost effective options, allowing my team to make fast decisions to keep ahead of the construction team.
On top of all this, his manners, presentation, and the way he delivered himself was a comfort to deal with.

MIMMO SCRIMIZZI Director Mco Property