Property Developers

We help Property Developers to reduce construction costs and time

You have found that perfect block of land for sale, made the purchase and now you are ready to create floor plans for your property development.

Now, imagine having someone on your team who has extensive “on-site” construction experience, who has seen every building mistake, design problem and is experienced in providing simple solutions.

This same person can work with your design team to provide a quality builders input, offering valuable ideas to reduce construction costs, and speed up construction.

The first step is putting you in touch with our construction consultant, Matt Close, based in Melbourne, VIC.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry Matt is also a registered domestic and commercial builder and has built many developments ranging from luxury homes, multi story apartment buildings and commercial projects.

Plan review – Pre town planning

Matt will review your architectural floor plans and elevations prior to town planning application.

During this review, Matt will:

  • Confirm services will fit in the proposed ceiling spaces
  • Suggest design tweaks to significantly reduce construction costs
  • Identify maintenance or warranty concerns
Plan review – Preconstruction

Matt will work with all of your construction consultants to ensure that your plans are properly coordinated between all disciplines. This will help to:

  • Minimise site delays, variations and building mistakes due to plan errors
  • Speed up construction
  • Identify compliance and construction problems before they happen
Additional services

We provide independent advice for property developers, for new developments and renovations. We provide ideas to reduce construction costs, review variations or speed up construction.


Let’s take your Property Development to the Next Level!

We engaged Next Level on our most recent apartment development. We were able to complete the project without engaging a Project Manager.

Matt’s experience in reviewing the plans prior to construction, skills at coordinating consultants and builder ensured a seamless construction program and a profitable project. I am confident that Matt’s expertise ensured we maximised our returns and ensured that as a team we delivered a fantastic project that we are all proud of.

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