Handover Procedures and Checklists

Handing over your completed project to a satisfied client can be the most rewarding part of the job. A smooth handover requires plenty of preparation. Custom procedures and checklists from Next Level Business Consulting will help you streamline the process of preparing and perfecting your handovers.

Our procedures and checklists will help you:

  • Obtain the items required for certificate of occupancy and MFB approval
  • Prepare your client to complete items they are responsible for
  • Perform a detailed inspection of the project, ensuring there are no defects or outstanding items
  • Create a handover folder/package for your client and the new property owners
  • Prepare all items required for the body corporate
  • Retrieve outstanding bonds through council and authorities
  • Archive the entire project folder and OH&S history
  • Provide the required information to your maintenance department