Construction Consultants

For Builders and Property Developers.

Next Level is a reputable Melbourne-based company; offering tutoring services and construction business consulting.

We will help you to build your projects, and your business more efficiently. This will allow you to:

  • Reduce your construction time
  • Minimize site mistakes
  • Identify errors in construction plans before starting on site
  • Increase your site efficiency

For Builders

We focus on streamlining your office and construction procedures, allowing you to expand your business, or increase your profits, whilst reducing construction time. Construction schedules are also created using MS Project.

For Property Developers

We review your construction plans and identify areas to help you reduce your construction costs and reduce builders variations. Next Level can produce Gantt charts, or construction programs, for finance.

For Tradespeople

Increase your organisation and prepare to work for larger builders. Next Level will assist you with Construction Scheduling, Quality Assurance documents and business consulting.

Tutoring services

Next Level provides tutoring services to those wanting to start a new business, apply for a builders license, write construction programs and develop systems.

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If you are a builder and feel like this plane looks, running on the ragged edge, I can help.Next Level Business Consulting can create obtain trade quotes and place purchase orders for you.This will free up your time so that you can work on the construction side of the business. We will send our customised scope of works to your preferred trades and suppliers and obtain multiple quotes, reducing your construction costs.To find out more, send me a message or visit my #msproject #builders #construction ... See MoreSee Less
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